Post Doctoral Fellows

Graduate Students

The Sinton Lab is home to a diverse team of passionate and capable researchers from all over the world. Collectively, their expertise spans several disciplines of engineering and science. They are collaborative, open-minded, prolific and poised to take on some of the most compelling challenges in sustainable energy and global health today.


Post Doc. Fellow

PhD students

Master students

  • Ian Stewart
  • Brent Scraff
  • Paul Wood
  • Ali Kazemi
  • J. Thomas Blakely
  • Greg Schabas
  • Angela DeLeebeeck
  • Jon McKechine
  • Jeff Coleman
  • Andrew Sell
  • Tom de Haas
  • Nathan Samsonoff
  • Pei Zhang
  • Wen Song
  • Haseeb Syed
  • Pushan  Lele
  • Mira Kim
  • Aleem Hasham
  • Katarina Neskovic